Saturday, April 6, 2013

First Guest In Wild Trak Lodge

The first guest to stay in Wild Trak Lodge has arrived. Gaz Davies from England has come to stay at Wild Trak Lodge as a volunteer, to assist with the development of the lodge. So far Gaz has been here 6 days, in that time he all ready has had a close encounter with a wild elephant which wandered very close to the lodge in the night time and also had a close encounter with a tiger which can be seen in this link.

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  1. Besides the unflattering picture, I'm having a great time working on Wild Trak Lodge. I've been lucky to experience close encounters with Tiger, Rhino and wild Elephant. I've been impressed with the knowledge, experience and skill of tracking John possesses. Although these experiences have been scary, I have felt that I've been in good hands. Over the last few days we've seen Leopard prints, one has been coming into the village and taking family pigs as prey. It's only a matter of time until we see him! I would recommend visiting Bardia National Park to anyone and make sure you book your experience with Wild Trak Adventure!